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States Covered

We provide statewide REO, origination and refinance title and closing services in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan, and Minnesota.

Services Provided

Title Clear:

  •         Perform title examination
  •         Prepare Title Commitment(s)
  •         Review title and identify issues/defects
  •         Clear defects and issues
  •         Obtain indemnity letters where applicable
  •         Contact title insurance company to insure over applicable defects
  •         Coordinate title clearance with foreclosure attorney  
  •         Update Title Exam when applicable



  •         Verify title clearance and clear remaining title issues
  •         Review Purchase Contract and verify information
            and satisfaction of contract contingencies
  •         Research and satisfy local requirements for transaction
  •         Prepare Deed and other Closing Documents
  •         Review and approve preliminary HUD



  •         Update Title Exam
  •         Perform closing
  •         Review and approve final HUD
            and send to client with backup documentation
  •         Review and approve all closing documents
  •         Fax final signed HUD and closing confirmation



  •         Verify incoming wire
  •         Wire transfer proceeds


Post Closing:

  •         Verify proper recording of documents
  •         Preparation of title policy